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From the time your home was built, termites have been working to silently destroy it—from the inside out. The licensed professionals at Smart Home Solution is here to protect your investment with thorough inspections, necessary treatments, and prevention.

“Termite infestations cost American homeowners over $5 billion each year.”

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Pest control is not simply a job for us, at Smart Home Solutions Pest Control it is our livelihood and we take great pride in our work. We are not exterminators, we are pest control professionals and we can solve any pest problem.

At Smart Home Solutions Pest Control safety is paramount, that is why we only use pesticides that are not harmful to people or pets. We provide pest control for rodents, birds, and a variety of insects including: bees, wasps, scorpions, ants, and bed bugs. Our knowledgeable technicians will develop a pest control plan to address your particular problem. Regular pest control service is the only way to keep your home or business free from pests. We offer affordable monthly and bi-monthly service plans and can schedule our visits to best fit your busy schedule.

Smart Home Solutions Helps Your Escrow Move Fast!

  • Drywall and drywall repair
  • Door and door repair
  • Fungus remove and water damage repair
  • Damaged wood replacement
  • Decks and siding


Once insects like water bugs or roof rats have found a comfortable place to live in your home, with easy access to their favorite food and water, their population will explode. Don’t wait to do pest control. A small colony of roaches today can be a full-scale infestation in a very short time. Bed Bugs in particular will become enormous problems very quickly, as they’re small enough to hide anywhere. While pest control treatment methods differ, infestations follow a common pattern:

Scouts from a nearby colony of roaches, ants, bees, bed bugs or other pests stumble across your house. They do so by flying, digging, slipping through cracks & chewing through wood. If they find food or water, the colony soon knows about it.

Workers from the colony begin trekking to your house. If a comfortable hideaway is found in your home’s attic, crawl space, or walls, the workers may settle in and begin to breed.

When eggs are allowed to hatch, a new colony of pests is created. This foothold in your house is a strong position from which insects and other pests can expand to the limits of their new environment.