Treatment for Drywood Termites

1. Fumigation

Fumigation is the only whole-structure method that has been proven 100% effective at eliminating every drywood termite infestation thoroughly. To rid a drywood termite infestation without using fumigation, a Pro Termite inspector would have to search for and find all the hidden drywood termite colonies in a structure.

Drywood termites can hide in little areas of wood very well and finding all of them is like trying to find thousands of needles in billions of haystacks. We’re very good, we promise, but finding every termite is a giant undertaking not to mention that it’s practically impossible. Wouldn’t you want to be assured 100% that every single drywood termite you’re worried about is eliminated? Of course you would, which is why in certain situations The Termite Guy recommends fumigation over other methods.


– Only whole structure method proven 100% effective
– Eliminates undetectable termite infestations
– Uses inorganic gas that leaves no residue, odor, or film behind
– Has a 5 year warranty


– Must move out for 2 nights
– Possible damage to roof tiles and plants
– Added cost to have landscape company remove, trim, and prepare perimeter of the building
– Need to remove or board pets
– Need to bag food and medicine

2. Local Treatment

Local treatments are not designed to be a whole house treatment. Localized treatments are designed to provide termite control but not termite elimination. Small 1/8th inch holes are drilled into the infested framing members and liquids are injected into the timbers.


– No move out
– Less expensive, less invasive
– Works well if infestation is accessible
– No roof or plant damage
– Less planning and timing
– Chemical has a transfer effect that is passed from termite to termite


– Only comes with 1 year warranty
– Requires a lot of drilling
– Not effective to inaccessible infestation areas
– Not designed to be a whole structure treatment
– Multiple treatments may be necessary
– It does not prevent termites from coming back

3. Heat Wave / Thermagation

Thermagation is performed by quarantining access of a structure and heating up the air in the quarantined area to a lethal temperature. A heat treatment consist in bringing the core of infested wood members in a home or wall to 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (45-50 celcius) for at least 35 minutes to an hour.


– No chemicals
– Can be completed in one day


– Only comes with 1 year warranty

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